Inspirations of a 3D Design Student


Balea Collection

The Balea Collection consists of three tables, composed in different sizes and heights. These tables can be used separately, or together, creating any layout or creative interior design. Made in natural oak, with satin lacquer finish in the back. The edges are thinly shaped and rounded. The legs are machined from solid wood and finished in a felt glide to prevent from damaging the floor when sliding. They can also be unscrewed from the top to take up less space in the packaging.

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Ninebyfour is an archetypical tubelight fixture, crafted from an atypical material; wood. This is possible through the use of energy efficient Philips LED light tubes. These LED light tubes eliminate the bulk of electronics necessary for traditional neon tube light. And the light does not warm up during use, allowing for the use of wood and cork. And-and; the led tube will probably out-live those born before 1980.

Ninebyfour is made from Stadshout; salvaged wood from Amsterdam trees. On the cork the geographical coordinates of the unfortunate tree are stamped, find the trees’ city origins by simply entering these coordinates in google.

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Kreten Side Tables by Souda

Kreten Side Tables are the result of a concrete molding process used to create smooth, industrial organic side tables that breathe life into an often-quotidian material. Each table is formed in a rubberized-fabric that is filled with fiberglass reinforced concrete. The weight of the concrete, in conjunction with the stretch of the fabric allows each table to take on a unique form.

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